Bali Mountain Cycling Tours

We have developed a great range of mountain bike trips in Bali. From one-day family adventures to multiple days of single track, there is something for everybody. Our Bali mountain bike trips are an excellent way to explore the many sights this unique island has got to offer. We hope to see you soon and would love to show you why we are based in Bali!

Start From IDR 639.000
The Real Mountain Cycling
Back to village, Our cycling start at kintamani village with fresh weather make your journey have best trip, very fantastic and get more fun, 2.5 hours our trip will visit, hose confound, temple, garden and village situation, daily activities of the people along the trips. » See More

Start From IDR 568.000
Bakas Adventure Cycling
We offer 2,5-3 hours to get close to know an old traditional village in Bali, specifically we will take you to ride bicycle from Penglipuran Village. In this village; villager's activities everyday is determined high sense of cooperation as in building houses, temple, and the others. But the most interesting is the uniformity and the style of they entrance gate of the house along the village in the same design It means the cooperation and the society of all the village Not until here only the trip will see another villages too and another ceremonial processing and temple. » See More

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