Bali Seawalker Tour

You are walking at the ocean bed, admiring the beauty of the sea garden, colorful corals, playing with bright fishes, feeding them from your hand… and smiling. You don't have to know how to swim or dive. You can breath naturally and keep your make-up on. Because water does not reach your head or face, you can even dive with your contact lenses, glasses, or sunglasses on!. The time was determined as the safest length of time for guests who have never been underwater before. It is located at two famous marine in Bali where give more choice to join this fun seawalker at Lembongan and Sanur.

Start From IDR 1.136.000
Lembongan Island Marine Walk
Bali Marine Walk using an open-ended helmet that allows the wearer to stay underwater by just putting it ober head. The helmet is connected to the scuba thanks by air hose that supplies it with air. The interior of the helmet is designet with a defogging mechanism that prevents the front window from fogginh. The helmet is also fitted with a vent which continously exhausts unneeded air from the helmet. Since the bent is located at the back, there is no air valve to obstruct the guest’s view. » See More

Start From IDR 894.600
Club Aqua Seawalker
Club Aqua Seawalker was set up in the year of 2000. Club Aqua warranty your safety during the Seawalker activity, as its unique helmet design enable you to breath underwater normally or the same way as your breath on the surface. The helmet was originally design and manufactured in Japan, the Seawalker home base. It is suitable for age between 09 – 70 years old. » See More

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