Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa
Tanjung Benoa located in the south of Bali Island is known for the beach of water sport lovers. Before becoming a beach filled with water rides, Tanjung Benoa used to be a fishing village. After BTDC (Bali Tourism Development Corporation) began the project in Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa has developed into one of the best water sport places in the world.

There are some exciting water games in Tanjung Benoa. The jet ski game for example, can be tried for us who want to feel how it feels to be a racer in the ocean. To see the beautiful marine life, snorkeling can also be tried. If you want to feel the sensation of moving downwind, Flying Fish becomes one reference; our adrenalin will be encouraged through the game using Ikan Layar (Layar Fish)-like boat pulled by a speed boat. Glass Bottom Boat ride is not less exciting: we will be invited to cross over into Pulau Penyu (Turtle Island) with a transparent bottom boat, so we can see the view under the sea and its fish.

There are several different types of games on there, like jet ski, banana boat, parasailing, flying fish, snorkeling, and diving. each game is always supervised by an instructor who will lead you. So, do not worry. While playing jetski, you will drive the vehicle while the hot sun. Together with friends you will increase cheerful as banana boat rides. Or, floating in the air by parasailing and see Tanjung Benoa from a height. One of the favorite games in Tanjung Benoa is the Flying Fish, which is 3 pieces of banana boat rolled into one with the addition of a rubber boat across the front and there is a left wing on the right side. The game is done by three people, including an instructor. Flying Fish will be pulled by a speed boat with a line of high-speed downwind. You will fly over the water about 2 feet or more depending on wind speeds.

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