Amazing Balian Beach

Balian Beach
Balian Beach is one of the beautiful beaches located in west part of Bali Island favored by the great and powerful wave that challenge the surfers to conquer it. Balian Beach is one of the famous surfing point in Bali and many visited by surfers from both foreign and local surfers. The beach situated at the mouth of the Balian River in Tabanan Regency is a beautiful rocky beach blessed by the breathtaking view of sunset with warm and romantic nuance. The surfers much love this surfing point because the wave characteristics are full power, long swell and can only be taken by the surfing direction of left-hander.

Balian Beach is located in the village of Lalang Linggah, West Selemadeg District, Tabanan Regency, Bali Province – Indonesia. This beach is about 40 kilometers from Denpasar City or 1,5 hours from Denpasar Airport. This Beach is situated at the estuary of Balian River (Tukad Balian), one of the largest rivers in Bali Island that become one of the best choice surfing points in the island of god. This beach is just a step from Soka Beach, a tourist destination visited by many tourists especially local tourists.

Balian Beach is known by its black patterned sand, cosmic sunrises and sunsets illuminating the mountains and rice terraces. This is the perfect place for a romantic getaway and surfing. Here you will find many bungalows, restaurants for unforgettable days and nights with your love! A quiet, lonely place, just you, the ocean and nature.

Dry season is the best season for surfing at Balian Beach because the wind flows from the east to the west and create the big and constant wave that is ideally for surfing. The seawater is look clean and feel warm that is the reason why the surfer love to surf during this season. It is not ideally go for surfing during raining season due to the water is look dirty cause of the rain water come from the river effect to the seawater and it bring a lot of dust, rubbish, wood and a lot of more.

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