Penglipuran Village

Indigenous Penglipuran Village
Penglipuran Indigenous Village is located in Kubu Village, Bangli District, Bangli Regency, Bali. In good fortune Penglipuran which has become customary since 1992, the village is a rural area in Bali which has a regular order, both physically and village governance structures, and can not be separated from cultural values that were held by the public. Although this area is a traditional village which still adhere to traditions of Bali, you do not imagine that the occupants were a group of people who are blind primitive technology. Young children in this village nearly all his education, even many of which continue up to university level.

Indigenous Villages Penglipuran located at the foot of Mount Batur at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. Therefore, Penglipuran have the cool air. In this village there are awig-awig (rules) about hygiene, waste disposal systems, as well as landscaping. Therefore, Penglipuran into the village is very clean and comfortable. The main road stretching from north to south are not made of asphalt, but from the rock mountain that is modified into paving or stone conblock.

Penglipuran people's homes are all in the form of Balinese traditional house which is divided into two parts, the west and east. All the houses have the same form of the front. This section is made of soil material for walls and bamboo for the roof. The front of the house has angkul-angkul or gate which functioned as a building guard. On the religious holy days, this section will be a place of offerings and is used as a place of worship.

Topography Penglipuran very unique, almost similar to the system of Balinese rice field terraces, steps (Subak). Village Gate is located in the most high, the entry into, the more gently sloping contours. The houses were lined from top to bottom. Among the houses have a very clean village streets. Village roads will be crowded in the afternoon when people unwind after work while mingle with their neighbors, just talking or fighting cock (tajen).

Another specialty which is owned by the Village is the concept of spatial thing about the village that are aligned with the spatial concept in Hinduism. Village territory is divided into three parts called the tri mandala. In the north corner of the village there is a shrine (the main theater), namely Pura Bale Agung (Upgrading), which became mecca Hindus. Furthermore, in the middle there are parks and residential homes. This location is called the middle mandala. Meanwhile, in the lowest part (mandala insult), there is a cemetery complex (Setra).

The concept of tri mandala does not only apply to village spatial layout but also for residential homes. Each plot home residents Penglipuran divided into three parts. On the front page, there are buildings angkul-angkul and empty space called Natah; the center is the family gathering place, and at the very back there toilet, where the clothesline, or corral.

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